Tikambe Tv: Episode 10 Role Models

The final episode of Tikambe Season 1 aired last week Friday, watch it below and watch any others you missed on YouTube.

What would you do if your religious leader asked you to sleep with him to solve a problem? Nancy shares her story, and gospel artist Pompi gives his opinion about this.


Tikambe Tv: Episode 9 Early Marriage

This episode shares one of many stories of early marriage in Zambia. It features media personality Christine Ngwisha who gives her views on the story. Watch this and other episodes available on the YouTube channel.


Tikambe Episode 8: Sex Talk

This episode shows how young sexual debuts are occurring without youth getting information on the consequences. It’s the story of Iness, a young lady who had a child at 13 yrs old, right after writing her Grade 7 exams. It features fashion bloggers, social influencers and sisters MaFashio (Sekayi and Tukiya Fundafunda). They are interviewed by Amos Mwale, Executive Director – Centre of Reproductive Health and Education.




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