John Dory’s

This post has been a long time coming, a few months ago EastPark Mall opened a branch of the well known SA chain restaurant John Dory’s. The restaurant is a Seafood place but serves a variety of dishes, from Ribs to Chicken Schnitzel to Prawns, Hake, Tilapia and more. But we can skip over all of that seeing as thats not the main reason I go to John Dory’s (sorry not sorry)!!!

I go to J.D’s (yes i’ve nicknamed it…how original!) mostly for the sushi, i know you are thinking raw fish in a landlocked country? Worry not, this sushi is fresh and delicious and very affordable. As my fellow sushi lovers know, it comes in tiny pieces but it is very filling. The prices for your sushi plates (not platters because those are bigger) start from K15 and go all the way up to K55. Thats for your sashimi, 4 piece california roll, 2 piece nigiri etc. The platters which are limited options, with an 8 piece platter for K60 and a 10 piece deluxe platter for K115 are also very affordable.


With very few places making sushi in Zambia, I’ve been asked to rate John Dory’s and i give them a solid 8/10. Incase you didn’t get my hint, head on over to John Dory’s for some yummy seafood that will leave you wanting more.

Tightrope- Chembo


My dear friend Chembo is a talented Zambian singer and songwriter, she released a video for her first single “Tightrope” a few months ago. I can’t believe it took me so long to share the video…*cue blushing* but I thought i would share it today. The track was produced here in Lusaka by producer F1 The video was shot in Wales where she is currently based by director Rhodri Carter, check out the beautiful black and white imagery and enjoy the song!

It’s also available on itunes for download 

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