Umoyo Natural Health: Hibiscus Tea


Hibiscus helps to lower BP and Cholesterol Antioxidant & Weight Management. A herbal tea from crimson or deep magenta coloured sepals of the hibiscus flower. Unlike some teas this tea is commonly consumed both hot and cold, it had a tart cranberry like taste.


Hibiscus tea is also high in vitamin c and minerals; it is often used traditionally as a mild medicine. The tea can be used to treat loss of appetite, the common cold, respiratory tract pain, fluid retention, stomach irritation, circulation problems as well as inflammation. Hibiscus is particularly good as a gentle laxative and a diuretic to increase urine output. I know all of that information is a mouthful! I can attest to having used this tea for 80% of those problems with great success.

image borrowed from
image borrowed from

My favorite thing about this tea is the tart flavour, because it is similar to cranberry I don’t like to add a sweetener of any kind. I especially enjoy drinking it as an ice tea because it is very refreshing on a hot day. The tart taste makes it all the better for drinking it cold.

Give this tea a try because it will probably become one of your favorites, you can purchase it at all Umoyo Health Stores located at Arcades and Woodlands, or from the Umoyo Natural Health Clinic off Great East Road.


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