Umoyo Natural Health: Cinnamon Tea


Umoyo Natural Health gave me some tea’s to sample and to review, the second tea we are taking a look at is the cinnamon tea. This tea is made from cinnamon bark more commonly called cinnamon sticks. Using the bark ensures its potency is better than when you use ground cinnamon powder.


This tea isn’t naturally sweet like lemongrass so you might want to add honey or xylitol (available at all Umoyo Natural Health stores). The scent of the cinnamon definitely brings up warm and fuzzy feelings of a snowy Christmas or seeing as we live in Zambia a nice cold rainy day!


Umoyo describes the tea as helpful in stabilizing blood sugar and blood pressure; it also serves as an ant-inflammatory and is good for pain relief. Cinnamon is a powerful antioxidant; the bark contains cinnamon oil, which is very effective in treating ailments such as stomach flu and Indigestion. According to research it also alleviates the pain caused by menstrual cramps.


Another way to drink the tea is to add orange slices to the teapot after the tea has been brewed. This gives it a sweet citrus flavour, and the orange flavour also works well for an ice tea so you can take your left over tea and put it in the fridge to cool.



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