Non Stop Remix: Music Video Launch


Last week Thursday I had the pleasure of attending Salma Sky’s music video launch for her latest single “Non Stop” (The remix) feat Cactus Agony. It was a black tie affair at news cafe, with many of the lady in question’s industry peers, collaborators and her friends and family. Aside from a wonderful ambiance and mood set by the decor and the red carpet the room was buzzing with excitement to see the video for the song that had been all over Zambian airwaves for the past week or so.


Salma took to the stage after the video premiered to sing a few songs off her upcoming album, one song in particular stood out to me. It was a song that clearly meant more to her after the passing of her grandmother, that spoke of an older woman’s wisdom and love and strength. You could absolutely feel the emotion behind it, without saying too much about this album (because we all need to go buy it) I would definitely add it to my must have’s for 2015.

I have to say that Tivo did a fantastic job directing yet another video that is of international quality, with great production value. This video is sexy, sleek and just one of the best local videos I have seen and the best part is it was shot by an all Zambian crew. Check out the video below.

*To find out more on what to expect on her album check out my interview with her a few pages back on the blog.


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