The Waterfalls Gourmet Market


The Deli will be hosting The Waterfalls Gourmet Market on the 31st of October at 6:30pm, the market will host different brands and food and beverage companies. The Facebook event page says, “Join us as we launch  The Waterfalls Gourmet Market . From celebrated local and international chefs showcasing mouth watering meals to some signature Vino and cocktails that will talk to you ”



GigiBonta’ will also be present ad you can try their ice-cream, biscuits, muffins and cakes as well as their Italian coffee. The great thing about this brand is that it a business that helps the disadvantaged youth. They are already a fast growing business with two locations in Lusaka and one in Ndola. Umoyo Natural Health will be showcasing their baobab juice, mooring cookies, wheatgrass shots and hots of their green smoothies and foods.



If you love baked good’s Megan’s Cakery will be there to satisfy any sweet tooth cravings you have, other people showcasing will be local brand Skin Care Africa. They will have cosmetic products proudly made on a Zambia Farm in Chisamba. They will also be on hand to provide tips on healthy skin, you get the best of everything at this market, healthy food, good wine, green juices and great skincare.

Make sure you like the fb pages and come to the event!


*All photos borrowed from the Facebook page: Waterfalls Gourmet Market


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