Verve Event Solutions: Networking Mixer

On Friday the 26th of September Verve Event Solutions will be hosting a Networking Mixer for Entertainment Industry people. They will be hosting many networking events according to their Facebook page ” Verve Event Solutions is proud to introduce VerNet Party – Networking Mixer for The Entertainment Industry. The VerNet Mixer will be held every last Friday of the month at snazziest venues around Lusaka and will aim to bring in people from all different facets of the entertainment industry including: Radio Stations, Record Labels, Recording Studios, Producer, Talent Managers, Film makers, Actors, Models, DJs, Artists, Promoters, Event Planners, Photographers/ Videographers, Graphic Designers, bloggers etc. The event is designed to create an atmosphere which is absolutely perfect for an exciting and productive night of networking.”

This month’s event, dubbed  “VerNet Party” and will be held at Chrismar Hotel in Lusaka. If you feel like taking part and want the details then check out the poster below:



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    1. Which one? Thanks for the feedback. You should let them know on the it page if more people complain maybe they will make better events.

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