Zambia Short Fest 2014


As a fellow filmmaker and actress who spent her formative years in film school making short films, I have an immense love for short films and the art of making a good one. With that said Zambia is having its second edition of the “Zambia Short Fest” on the 11th of October hosted by The Alliance Francais. It is organized and run by local filmmaker Jessie Chisi, and as the Facebook page says, “Zambia Short Fest is organized in Lusaka, Zambia to promote local talents and provide them with a platform to screen short films and gain experience before making feature films, creating a base of professionalism for a long term career.”


Using social media networks such as Facebook “Zambia Short Fest” encourage people to submit their shorts for the festival, the submission was open to anyone from first time filmmakers to experts. Having hosted a film festival as a collaboration in 2011 I am excited to see what kind of stories the young filmmakers in Zambia will be telling. As we approach celebrating 50 years of Independence I am excited to watch films that are giving this country a cinematic voice.  For more information you can visit the Facebook page to find out about tickets and the festival schedule which has yet to be released.


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