Barfeet Theatre’s ‘Oliver!’

My beautiful friend Chembo helped put this production together, if you didn’t attend you definitely missed out! Make sure to head on over to to find out the dates for all the other festival events you can attend.

DDO Zambia Project 2014

On Saturday evening we all went to watch one of the first events of the Barefeet Festival: a production of Oliver! at Pestalozzi Children’s Village. Barefeet had taken Lionel Bart’s original musical and given it a Zambian twist, with new musical arrangements and lyrics such as “Who will buy my sweet red roses? Two blooms for a kwacha.” The result was incredible.

The production began with the audience waiting in a crowd outside. Suddenly, Barefeet’s facilitators began to demand that we made our way to the ‘workhouse’. We were then led through the school; the way lit by children holding candles begging us not to enter the ‘workhouse’. It was beautiful yet chilling, and a wonderfully original beginning to the well-known musical.

Once we were all seated in the ‘workhouse’ (which was revealed to be the theatre itself), we began to hear far-off voices. Hundreds of children were walking towards…

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