Radio Dj Meet The Industry Talk




Bongo Hive hosted one of its Meet The Industry panel discussions last week Tuesday at Protea Hotel, I was honored to be one of five Radio Presenters chosen to talk at the event. The five included; Chi from Hot Fm, Luchi from Radio Phoenix, Myself from Rock FM, Yoko Love Games actress and former of Rock FM presenter and Chilulemba Voice over artist and Independent Radio Personality. 


I can’t run you through everybody’s Cv because we are creatives and many of us work independently on all platforms of media and entertainment. The discussion began with each of us sharing our stories of how we got to where we are today in Radio and what it takes to stay there. We discussed the hardships of radio in Zambia and shared our thoughts on where we want to see Radio go to in the future. 

After our individual presentations we sat as a panel and answered a Q&A that raised many interesting topics. Here is a brief breakdown of what was discussed:

2014-08-18 18.12.04Screenshot_2014-08-18-18-16-50 Screenshot_2014-08-18-18-17-05 Screenshot_2014-08-18-18-17-20 Screenshot_2014-08-18-18-17-30

The things I took away from the talk were that we all love what we do, whether getting on radio was a happy accident or a master plan. We have a passion and a drive for what we do that keeps us going, that has helped us through tough times in the beginning of our careers. I feel blessed and privileged to be a part of people’s daily lives with the amazing platform that is radio. If you want to be on radio then seek out the opportunities, audition, intern, send in a demo or study broadcasting. Fight for the career that you want within the industry. 

P.S. my radio show is on 96.5 Rock Fm 9am-12pm its called Rock The City (to stream head on over to website)


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