Fishaways Lusaka


Fishaways is a seafood take-away restaurant that is very popular in South Africa and has finally reached our “shores” in Zambia. It opened about 3 days ago in my neighborhood of Kabulonga, naturally I had to be the first to try the food! I am a huge lover of seafood and i was dying for a local fish&chippie that was a short walk from my house. 



My friend Nana came along for the ride, when we arrived we pretty much bombarded the staff with our excitement. In fact we were so loud that the manager actually told us to order whatever we wanted on the house! After wiping the look of disbelief off our faces and trying to play it cool we placed our orders, a seafood platter for one (calamari, prawns, hake, rice, chips) and calamari and chips. 

seafood takeaway platter
              seafood takeaway platter for one


The food was deliciously mouth watering as expected and I fear for my hips and my thighs because I will be going over and over again. The pricing of the food is also very good, meals range from about k40-k100. Its located next to the old blockbuster videos at the Kabulonga Shopping complex. Make sure you stop by and get yourself a seafood fix PRONTO!



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