Fishaways Lusaka


Fishaways is a seafood take-away restaurant that is very popular in South Africa and has finally reached our “shores” in Zambia. It opened about 3 days ago in my neighborhood of Kabulonga, naturally I had to be the first to try the food! I am a huge lover of seafood and i was dying for a local fish&chippie that was a short walk from my house. 



My friend Nana came along for the ride, when we arrived we pretty much bombarded the staff with our excitement. In fact we were so loud that the manager actually told us to order whatever we wanted on the house! After wiping the look of disbelief off our faces and trying to play it cool we placed our orders, a seafood platter for one (calamari, prawns, hake, rice, chips) and calamari and chips. 

seafood takeaway platter
              seafood takeaway platter for one


The food was deliciously mouth watering as expected and I fear for my hips and my thighs because I will be going over and over again. The pricing of the food is also very good, meals range from about k40-k100. Its located next to the old blockbuster videos at the Kabulonga Shopping complex. Make sure you stop by and get yourself a seafood fix PRONTO!


A4T & #WeKeepMovingTour



In June I had the privilege of joining my friend Lulu Haangala and the talented musician Pompi as an ambassador for Action for Transparency Zambia on the very first #wekeepmovingtour. Action for Transparency (A4T) is an international organisation, “A pioneering project that fights corruption and mismanagement of government funds by putting the power to monitor in the hands of citizens.”

We went to Kamwala Secondary School to talk to the grade 11s and 12s about the A4T mobile app and how they as private citizens can report corruption. We explained how the app can be used to check on your own government school or health care centre to track government expenditure.

The three of us also went to share how we got to where we are today in our careers and lives to inspire the students. It was my first public speaking engagement that was not film related and for promoting a work project. I was extremely nervous which I am sure everyone in the room could sense. I also kept asking myself why on earth I was there with people who are better known than me! Essentially I felt like a fraud, but after being introduced I realised that there were a lot of students who had heard me on radio (hopefully during the holidays as my show is weekdays 9am-12pm…you should be in class guys! Lol)

I shared my personal journey with school and being a teenager, deciding what I wanted to be when I grew up and all that Jazz. Essentially I studied to be a social worker but then realised that my true passion was with acting and writing. After attending y first University in the United States of America, I went on to study at AFDA in Cape Town South Africa. The one thing I shared with the students was that if you follow your passion and you will find happiness and fulfilment. My passion not only makes me happy but it pushed me and inspires me to work harder, its not always easy being a creative but I could never be anything else.

I shared the fluke that lead me to radio (96.5 Rock FM) I went in for an audition to be a newsreader and lets just say I BOMBED. I sucked so bad that when they contacted me again they said, “You weren’t great but we hear something in your voice, we would like to train you.” Long story short its almost a year later and not only do I read the news, I have co-hosted two shows and now co-host Rock The City from Monday to Friday. I never dreamed of being on radio because I didn’t even know how to go about it, I am blessed to have been given the dream job I never dreamt of.

We shared other personal stories that I won’t put up on the Internet because they were for the students to hear and not for the world.

At the end of the day the students could relate to all of our stories and realised we are just like them. We were also teens once struggling with boyfriends/girlfriends, drugs and alcohol and all the pressures that come with being young. I was so overjoyed to know that I too can touch the lives of others and inspire them to chase after their dreams while remember that nothing in life is given to us. We all have to work hard and really want it but with that said, believe and you can achieve.

Jameson Smoothe Influencer Club



On Wednesday July 2nd I had the privilege of attending the first ever Jameson Influencer Circle on the African Continent. Hosted by Mbachi Nkatha with the Pernod Ricard Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Brand Ambassador Silindile Parirenyatwa.



It was an educational and fun evening with young professionals from different industries. The evening started with a brief introduction by the host and a master class in whiskey tasting presented by the lovely Silindile.
The first thing we learned was that at a whiskey tasting you traditionally taste from left to right. Our taster glasses were already lined up with 3 mystery whiskey’s in them.


We also learned alot about the distilling process of Jameson, the barrels used to create that “oaky” flavor. As we tasted our whiskey we discussed the different flavors and tried to guess which one was Jameson. In the end very few of us got it right, I definitely knew the Jack Daniels and Jameson but I didn’t guess Black Label for the last one.

Here is how the night looked:




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