Adega: The Worst Dinner Ever…

Before I begin, let me preface by saying that I don’t like to blog negatively…I blog honestly about my experiences. Last night when I went out on date night I did not expect to be sitting here on a sweaty Saturday afternoon blogging about the worst food I have ever eaten.

My boyfriend and I went to Levy Junction with the intention of watching Captain Phillips at 8:30 but before that we decided to try a new restaurant. Keep in mind that we don’t really like to experiment with our food and a recent bad experience at Asian Hut is a prime example of why not. However, I digress…We decided to try Adega the Portuguese place just before the Freshview cinemas.

We were seated inside by a seemingly attentive waiter who gave us a menu, right away we were overwhelmed by this 35 page menu (without adverts I think its maybe 25 pages but that is still long). I saw sushi and got excited, as I am a fan- although somewhat weary of sushi that isn’t from Eviva, there was a separate burger menu that also made me incredibly indecisive.

After searching the menu for 15 minutes I spotted garlic bread as a starter and decided on the stuffed chicken pockets as my main course. The menu said the pockets were grilled chicken stuffed with sausage and peppers, it came with a side of fries and salad- alternatively one could order different sides. We both ordered the exact same meal, a first as we usually order different meals and share.  The waiter told us the food would take 30 minutes.

45 minutes later we were starving and after an awful free bread roll that tasted more like pure sugar we were brought our garlic bread. I assume it was made with the same sweet dough used to make the bread rolls. I am not a fan of bread but I do love a good garlic bread, to be honest I make a far superior garlic bread and its a SAVOURY one. We asked about our main as we had a movie to get to, the waiter went twice to check on it- both times insisting that it was almost done.

At this point my hunger turned into a slight bit of attitude and I ordered another drink, I have to state that Adega is a dry restaurant. As in there is no alcohol served and to be quite honest I could have used it to wait my food out.


Finally the food came out, I was wide eyed at the portion size but excited to eat what looked to be a wonderful meal. Two bites in my boyfriend turned to me and said “This chicken is dry.” I was peppering my salad and happily munching away, I tried my chicken and the first bite was in my opinion not terribly dry. I put a french fry in my mouth chewed once and spat it out immediately, my boyfriend who had just done the same said “those aren’t cooked”. Now when I say they weren’t cooked I mean they were raw but looked cooked on the outside they also seemed like the potatoes had been sliced frozen and thawed.

At this point my chicken wasn’t appetizing because as i tried a second bite it got dryer and dryer, my boyfriend ripped his chicken apart searching for moisture that wasn’t there. We decided to complain about the food, which took about 7 waiters coming up to us and saying “I am not your waiter, let me get you waiter.” Eventually our waiter came, we repeated the same sad story and he called the Chef, we told the Chef our food was inedible and he meagerly replied “I’m sorry”. Not once did anyone try to come up with a solution or alternative and we were almost late for our movie.

Eventually the Manager was called over, we explained the situation for the umpteenth time and he said he would remove the food from the bill. I was pleasantly shocked that in Zambia we had such a standard of customer service, my past experiences have not mirrored this. When the bill came however one meal was still on it, exhausted and late for the movie we conceded and paid even though both meals were barely touched. To be fair my boyfriend took the chicken apart and i warned him it would appear as if he had eaten it.

The moral of the story for me is to not try new places at Levy after two weekends worth of bad experiences. Okay perhaps thats not the moral, but after the poor service and strange tasting bread and the inedible food I will never go back to Adega. I hear other people have had great experiences but for me one time was enough, that one MEAL was enough.

Eat there at your own risk.

P.S. Captain Phillips is a f*cking awesome movie. It made me fall in love with Tom Hanks again- we had parted ways for some years over his choice of films but he is BACK!!

Makeni Moto Park


This weekend all I wanted to do was relax and enjoy a club-less existence, instead of partying I found myself at Makeni Moto Park on Saturday and Sunday. The park just opened and is a place for all the motocross lovers to go ride their bikes and practice their tricks. The cool weather made it perfect for riding and being outdoors, I saw a couple of guys riding and doing some awesome jumps.


“Situated 10km’s from Makeni Mall lays Makeni Moto Park. This 10 acre plot has been transformed into one of Lusaka’s additional motocross tracks. Makeni Moto Park is for the thrill seeking motocross enthusiasts. The motocross track offers a variety of exhilarating table tops, double jumps, sandy corners and fast sections for both amateur and skilled riders. Now open to the public, riders are welcome to come and enjoy Makeni Moto Park and what it has to offer.”- facebook

Make sure you head over to the Facebook page and like it. You can find out the pricing and other details, remember its open Tuesday-Sunday from 9am till 5pm.

R&G Beerfest 2013

Last month I went to R&G Beerfest, I completely forgot to blog about the experience. It was a lot of fun, I am a festival person so this was my chance to let loose and dance and be free. I drove down with Dj Shotz a local deep house dj who go this start in Perth Australia (facebook, twitter: @SHOTZismyname,  soundcloud) and FRENCH-BRAZILIAN international Dj  Greg de Villanova (soundcloud) both of whom were playing at Beerfest.


We left on saturday afternoon after work around 2pm and I drove us over to Chisamba, upon arrival we collected our passes and took a quick look around while the guys left their equipment backstage. We were all in need of a fresh up so we promptly checked into our rooms, after a putting our things away and freshening up we headed back to the main area where the fest was taking place.


The space was massive and quite impressively mapped out in terms of the use, lots of places for people to sit, space to dance and food stalls and beer galore. Castle lite had their promotions set up strategically and you could win prizes playing different games. The Afternoon was very kid friendly with activities for the kids to do and plenty of space for them to run around. There were three or possibly more bars, I honestly can’t say I walked around to all of them after I found my little space at Beerfest. I was there for the vibe and the music not really for the beer…


As Night fell we jammed to some old school funky beats courtesy of Dj Greg, I danced to Dj Sebastien Dutch(@sebastiendutch), Dj Blocks(@djblocks88 ) and caught the Zone Fam peformance. At about Midnight it was time to jam to some Deep House, Dj Shotz started his set and sent most of the crowd into a dance tailspin. I’ve never seen my twinny Dee rave like that to house and she was loving every second of it, his set was way too short as most of the crowd wanted more. All in all it was a great afternoon and an even better evening, I danced my shoes off and got lost in the music. After Dj Shotz all the Dj’s got on the stage and started jamming together, it was a wonderful sight, it is always inspiring to see creatives having fun with each other.

I can’t wait to see what R&G have in store for us all next year. You can go to the Facebook page for R&G  to see  video footage of Beerfest.

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