Clean eating and weight loss

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Hi all,

This is my first blog and so i decided to write about the importance of eating clean when trying to lose weight. I see a lot of people everyday in the gym working really hard and i feel for them because after all that effort, they don’t get results. For most of them it’s because they don’t know any better. They think that just because they work out, it gives them license to eat whatever they want.

Working out is very important when trying to lose weight, but its not as important as eating clean. There are 24 hours in a day, the 1 hour that you spend in the gym will not be as big a factor as what you do with the other 23 hours. It is almost pointless to workout really hard if you’re going to fuel your body with junk afterwards. How do I…

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My top 5 Zambian Bloggers

Today I thought I would do a quick post about my favorite local blogs and why I love them so much, so lets get started with the whose who shall we?

1. Afro-Funk: “A blog about life, love, photography, fashion and all the mess in between!”


This blog is run by a very lovely young lady named Nambeye, its what I refer to as a lifestyle blog. Now when I say lifestyle I don’t mean its all hippie/vegan love vibes. Its just her life through her eyes, from her fabulous clothes, to glamorous events she attends, to her friends and family. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

2.  Through Mine Eyez: “Experience Life! Fashion! Food! Friends! Family! Travel! Absolutely Anything.. through my eyes”


This blog is run by the fabulous Lian and it is her personal non work related blog, for those of you who don’t know who Lian is…are you living under a rock? LOL! She is a fabulous stylist, make-up artist and beauty guru with great personal style of her own. Her blog is charming and funny, my favorite posts lately have been related to her experience with bootcamp. Follow her on twitter @Lian_eM

3. Afrosocialiting:


A blog run by Mazuba of C1rca1963 and FestGurus fame, she is a true African Child who has traveled the world and lived in New York and is now back home in Zambia. Her blog features all kinds of African things and international things, from her holidays, to fashion posts, to food posts and more. You can follow her on twitter @afrosocialite

4.  MissBwalyaWrites: “a conversational blog about the things that send my mind into overdrive”


Have You Heard About The Fest Gurus?

A while ago I met a lovely young lady that I had been following on twitter called Maz (@afrosocialite), she is like the Queen of Kool (yes cool with a k) and runs a site called C1rca1964. Before I digress and start listing her accomplishments lets get back to the point of this post. Maz mentioned she and some friends were collaborating on a TV Show which would showcase and feature different Festivals around Africa. I was obviously intrigued because I am a huge festival lover, Arts festivals, Music, Film, Food… basically any kind of festival; I love them all.

Cut to a month or so later the Fest Guru’s trailer has arrived, it came out on monday. I want all of you to check it out and get excited about it, cos its quite possibly the dopest thing to hit Africa EVER. The trailer is above, also follow them on twitter @TheFestGurus go check the facebook page for more details and background on who the Gurus are.

Find out how you can help them fundraise for their trips to festivals and also let them know what festivals are going on around Africa so that they can check them out.

Fashion Show or Fashion No?

Me and my friend Nolwazi front row at the fashion show.
Me and my friend Nolwazi front row at the fashion show.

On Friday the 12th of July I attended the Estelle Mantel Clothing fashion show for their new line Flamme  at Chit Chat Cafe. I was fairly excited because it was something new and refreshing to go to in a city that is mostly about the same old clubs and parties. I also went to go support a friend of mine who was modeling in the show…when I say support maybe I mean terrorize and film for future blackmail purposes. On the flyer it said the show would start at 7:30 but as Zambians live for “African time” I wasn’t at all worried when I arrived at 7:30 on the dot and there were  5 people at the venue. But soon enough people started flocking in; there were bloggers, photographers, radio personalities and magazine writers in attendance and it looked set to be a fabulous night.

Some of the more ready to wear pieces from the Estelle Mantel "Flamme" collection.
Some of the more ready to wear pieces from the Estelle Mantel “Flamme” collection.

If I have to be honest I was less than impressed by the clothes featured on the runway, there were 3 pieces from the women’s range that I would consider buying. The men’s range was a little confusing for me as it was a few trousers and shorts The clothes didn’t really fit the models they needed to be taken in and the hemming wasn’t finished. As someone who enjoys fashion but also understands the importance of making a polished product I was disappointed. The music selection was more club or radio playlist with very little thought given to the way the music should compliment the collection. The other problem I had was that the volume of the music was low when the models walked the runway and then louder when nobody was on the runway!!!!????



The sheer skirts had no lining  and most of us aren’t going to just put underwear on under there and walk out the house. We also have to remember we live in Zambia where women who don’t dress somewhat conservatively are looked down upon. That said, I did love the colors and the prints and the overall idea behind the line, I think given more time and preparation they could have had a fabulous show that showcased a more polished look. I know for a fact that the Estelle Mantel brand have showcased some superior work in the past. This might just be a case of trying to extend the brand too soon, maybe next time they will get it right.

My questions to you are; 1. Is there room in Zambia for non-Ready To Wear clothing? 2.How bold can designers be with their designs if they expect to have their product bought? 3.What can young local designers do to match the standards set by our neighbors in Angola, Mozambique and South Africa?

Photo credit: Nambeye J Katebe from Best of Zambia.

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