Tikambe Episode 8: Sex Talk

This episode shows how young sexual debuts are occurring without youth getting information on the consequences. It’s the story of Iness, a young lady who had a child at 13 yrs old, right after writing her Grade 7 exams. It features fashion bloggers, social influencers and sisters MaFashio (Sekayi and Tukiya Fundafunda). They are interviewed by Amos Mwale, Executive Director – Centre of Reproductive Health and Education.




Frank, with Janine & Tshego

My latest obsession is the podcast Frank, with J and T  these two women discuss current events, hip hop culture, feminism, politics, rape culture and everything in between. They are a breathe of fresh air while being brutally honest and occasionally legit funny AF!


Tikambe Tv: Episode 6 STIs


The 6th episode of the 10 part series Tikambe is up on youtube, incase you missed the show this past friday on Tv1 at 21:30 here is a look.  This episode discusses how important it is to get checked for STIs regularly and features radio personality Luchi.

Tikambe Tv: Episode 5 #AlfredsStory


What would you do if you found out your partner was HIV+? Alfred faced a similar dilemma but made a very tough decision about his next move. I feature celebrity guest and media mogul Chinyota Msimuko (Chi) to weigh in as he’s interviewed by youth facilitator Tilvas Ngosa.